Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This kid's face

Look at this kid's face:

That giant smile is because of her Tobii. Here is the page I made for her that caused the smile:

Those are the movies we have that she can choose from and she chose to watch Despicable Me and was so happy. What a little thing, but sooooo huge. Choosing what movie Lu  would like to watch may not "technically" fall under the "medical necessity" umbrella, but I think it should in regard to how it makes her feel mentally and emotionally to make choices so easily and readily.  I made a page also with all of Lucy's classmates at preschool and she can look at the page and say hi to them. Also, that is a tiny thing that is actually huge for her. I've put some books on her Tobii too. Some I found that were already made for eye gaze, two so far I have made myself. Lu can now look at some books and turn the pages again...with her eyes! It has been almost a year since her hands quit being able to turn the pages of books, which used to be one of her favorite things to do. 

Luckily our primary insurance company covered all that needed to be covered in regard to the Tobii. The secondary insurance, Gateway Health, again denied it as not being medically necessary. Fortunately we don't need anything from them, but it is just sickening to me that they could say it is not medically necessary for a person to be able to independently communicate their wants and needs. Again I say, look at that kid's face! She is often smiling, but that smile is because she was able to tell me something; quickly, easily, and accurately. The Tobii is expensive, that's why it took so stinking long to get it here, but I know that Chad and I would pay any amount for the rest of our lives if we had to, to keep that smile on her face and to keep hearing what she has to say. 

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