Sunday, October 27, 2013

Busy girls

Both Lucy and I have been busy girls lately, which is my excuse for neglecting my blog. As I have said, Lu uses a version of the PODD on her Tobii. It is incredibly helpful as a visual language that she already knows, but I have been feeling that she needs a more advanced version of the PODD, like the paper version we had made for her in the spring.  The version she uses on her Tobii right now has 12 buttons per page, but she was using 20 per page in the paper version.  Unfortunately, there isn't a Tobii version of the PODD available as of now with 29 buttons per page. Dr. Sasha's speech therapist in New York said another mother is apparently working on this version, but she doesn't know when it will be done. I have decided to start working on the new version on my own instead of waiting for someone else. To get it done. And, that is why I have neglected my blog. Usually in the morning between Lucy's bottle of Pediasure and her breakfast I have a cup of coffee and that's when I can get a blog post in, but I have been using that time to work on the PODD. So, here is a condensed, pictorial synopsis of all of the amazing things Lu has done recently:

Lu has gotten her first chore. She pulls her dirty laundry behind her walker in a clothes basket that is velcroed to a scooter board. She is so proud to be doing an actual important job that helps out the household! And she gets practice walking!

Lu got two new fish, Little Bluie, and Scooby Dooby Doo!

Using her hand cuff, water colors, and masking tape, we made this beautiful painting of the letter E. (That's the letter of the week at preschool) Lu chose all of the colors using her Tobii. It was a lot of fun.

Also using her Tobii, Lu designed her first jack-o-lantern and she and her Daddy carved it. I have to add two pictures of this because they are so cute!

Lucy was Elmo for Halloween! We had a party in lieu of trick-or-treating

Lu had a ton of fun with her cousins and friends! It was a good time.

And the grand finale: several times this week Lu has said with her Tobii, "I have to pee" and then I take her to the potty and and she pees! And today at breakfast she said, "panties, me" so we sat on the potty and then [Lu] put panties on. The picture above is of Lucy coloring a Halloween picture, while wearing her panties which she didn't pee in and waited until I took her to the potty to pee, after about 45 minutes of wearing them! She was so proud of herself and of course we were so proud of her too, but the look on her face brought tears to my eyes. 

So, that's what we gave been up to. I apologize to our faithful readers for my slacking. I might not improve on it for a bit though, so bear with me.

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  1. No need to explain, much less apologize for being so busy and skipping blogging. These pictures and your descriptions of what she has learned and is continuing to learn are, in one word, simply AWESOME, Julie!