Sunday, September 29, 2013

A whole new world!

Last Friday Lu and I had a nice girls day out. First Lu saw Mari, for her outpatient pt. There was a wheelchair mount at Easter Seals that had been there for a long time and nobody was using. It worked with Lu's Tobii and they just gave it to us! And then Mari (because she is such a super smarty pants) figured out how to mount it to Lucy's Kimba Spring wheelchair.  So, after pt we went out to lunch at Wegmans and shopping at Target with Lu's Tobii mounted right in front of her to communicate at her will! It was so exciting and she said while we were eating lunch, "I think it's, great/awesome!" 

Lucy has been saving [hoarding/squirreling away] her money in her little purse for months! Each time anyone would give her a little bit I'd put it in her little owl purse and she just would not spend it! Even on vacation, she did not want to buy anything. But on Friday, she said with her Tobii that she wanted to go look at baby dolls. After A LOT of careful consideration, she chose a beautiful Merida doll (from Brave) and was tickled with herself! I made a special shopping page on her Tobii and one very, very special button said, "Stop, I see something I like!" I have always, always wanted to hear her say that! And she said it several times as we walked through the store. It was wonderful! 

Outside of Target.

Her choice!

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