Thursday, September 19, 2013

The past week

So Lucy did get her amazing and wonderful Tobii last Thursday! And it's totally awesome and I have been wanting to share the sweet and funny things she has said, but she has also been sick for over a week and I am exhausted! She had a fever all last weekend with a lot of congestion and has basically not had a full night sleep since last Monday night. She just keeps waking up over and over again gagging on snot. And then on Sunday night she developed a hacking cough. Tuesday I took her back to the doctor (because we had already been there on Friday), just to make sure her lungs still sounded clear and she threw up all over herself in the car on the way there from coughing so hard. Last night was a little better. It's just a virus, nothing is infected, her lungs are clear sounding, so we just have to wait for it to clear up. Here are some sad little pictures of her in this past week:

She's been napping a lot!

But, even sick she has been doing awesome with her Tobii! We have a version of her PODD on the Tobii so that is helpful as it is an actual language that she knows well enough to make complete thoughts, but she just has to use her eyes! So, here are some of the amazing things she has said in the past week, hold onto your hats:

1.)"I'm hungry, tuna I made her a tuna sandwich!"

2.) "make something, cooking, yummy"

3.)" I want to do what the others are doing, something at school, outside/recess, slide, playground, swing, park" (this isn't as sad as it seems, at "recess" in preschool Cen-Clear doesn't allow the kids to play on the playground because they are too little, I think that's the reason)

4.) We found the I love you button and mom and I suggested to Lu that she tell her Daddy she loves him when he came in the door from work, and she did and he was so happy and then she said, "Just kidding" and just started cracking up! And we were laughing too so she laughed harder and it was awesome because she knew she made a joke!

5.) Yesterday I was getting some paint ready for a little project and she navigated to "I love you" all on her own and then when I told her I love her too she said "thank you"!

6.) Before we went to the doctor last Friday she told me she had a headache and that her back, teeth, and nose hurt.

7.) she has also been telling us to hurry up (which I said she has probably been waiting her whole life to tell me because I tend to be pretty slow), she tells us when she wants "more" at meals and when she is "finished/done", and when she is tired. 

8.) Chad will likely roll his eyes that I am including this next one, but she said it and it was a little startling and weird. She said, "I'm telling you something, it's going to happen, baby, boy, we/us/our"
We have NO plans of adding any babies to our household, however, so I don't know where that came from.
So, she's doing great with it and I am just getting started at figuring out the full capabilities of the device. I have started putting some of her board books in so she can look at them and hear the words and turn the pages by herself! It's just going to change our lives, and hers especially!


  1. This is SO exciting!! (Not poor Lu being sick, hope that gets better!) I'm so happy to hear you got the Tobii and she is so good at using it already!!! (Of COURSE she is!) It is so amazing, the things she is saying! That is wonderful she can tell you "I love you!" And she gets to tell you whenever her little heart desires. What a wonderful tool for Lu's self expression! This is great! A whole new world! She'll be writing books in no time! :D Love you guys!

  2. Hooray for the Tobii!! Can't wait to see you guys. Love you!

  3. It is so nice to hear Lucy's thoughts so please keep sharing! It is very exciting to see how this will change her life for the better. The crazy spiritualist in me says she knows what she is talking about with a baby boy wanting to join your family! :)