Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lu and her puppy

We brought Maggie home yesterday! She is very sweet and very good! She's doing very well also with not having accidents, didn't cry much last night and is already accepting her crate. Lucy likes her and said, "I like this, good, great, cool, lucky" but also said, "I don't like this, silly/crazy, naughty, pet, Maggie" which translates to she doesn't like it when Maggie is silly and crazy when she wants to pet her! Because she is crazy when she's with Lu, but we are working on it and Lucy doesn't cry and isn't scared of her, and Maggie is just excited! Here are some pictures of some calmer bonding time we had this morning. My friend Shelly says puppies are good for the soul and I agree!

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  1. Ok, that is so awesome, on two levels....A: Cute puppy, everyone's happy. B: Lucy is TELLING you how she feels about the whole words....!!!! Auntie Ann is so happy for you all! :-)