Monday, January 28, 2013

Last week

I have tried twice to start a post about an appointment we had with a genetic counselor last Thursday, but we had a rough week.

First, Chad and I did not remember to check our fuel level and we ran out. That was bad enough, but JJ Powelll kept telling us they were coming "tomorrow" and never came. Even on Friday when the driver had the ticket to deliver fuel to our house, he never came and they had no explanation as to why, nor did they seem interested in trying to figure it out. Luckily we have a pellet stove and an electric heater for back up. However, Chad wasted two personal days waiting on the fuel to come so he could "bleed the lines".

On the same day we ran out of fuel my car wouldn't start AGAIN and needed jumped AGAIN so we had to go get a new battery for it.

The toilet started leaking and Chad figured out (by googling it) how he could fix it, but the bolts he needed to take off we're covered with epoxy, so now there's a classy cool whip container under the toilet tank.

My blender broke.

Maggie has not been good for anyone's soul because she is crazy, like puppies are.

We had to go to Danville for the dumb appointment and went in the wrong entrance. Going to Danville sucks.

And now I am sick. Aching, stuffy, sneezing, nearly threw up in bed last night, but made it to the toilet. I'm not even nauseous, so I don't know why it puked, snot I guess. Snot just running out of my nose like a faucet. I'll finish the post about the genetics appointment when I feel less like junk.

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