Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Rumphius

The other day Lu and I read a new book that we have checked out of the library called Miss Rumphius. Miss Rumphius was raised by her grandpa and she told him one day that she was going to travel all over the world and see far off places, but then someday she would come back home and live by the sea. He said that was good, but she had to promise to do one more thing, and he said she had to promise to make the world more beautiful. She agreed and when she grew up she did the first two things and when she was back home living she noticed that seeds from the lupines she had planted had blown to a field nearby and grown there also. This gave her the idea to carry pocketfuls of lupine seeds wherever she went and she spread them everywhere, so she made the world more beautiful by planting lupines everywhere.

It was a cute story and at the end I looked at Lu and said, "Do you know how I made the world more beautiful? By making you." And she turned her head real quick and smiled right at me. It was so sweet and so purposeful I think. She is the light of my life.

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