Saturday, November 24, 2012


So, here is our new puppy. We have named her Maggie and she is a cockapoo, which is a mixed "breed" of cocker spaniel and poodle. She was born almost two weeks ago and is in New Castle. When Chad was growing up they had a cockapoo named Cookie, but they always called her "Bub" and he basically seems to measure all other dogs against Bub's perfectness, so we decided to try and find a responsible breeder of cockapoos to add to our family since losing Elmer. I searched online for quite a few days and finally settled on this lady who seemed very caring and the website did not give me the creeps. It was a little stressful because you don't know who these people are or if they are running a shady puppy mill, but I feel confident that she breeds the cockapoos responsibly and has been very professional and friendly so far in our dealings.

We will be able to bring Maggie home in the middle of January. I am excited, but then get overwhelmed with sadness for Elmer too. He was so sweet, and so good with Lucy. I cried so, so hard one night a week or so ago because I just want him back and that is obviously not going to happen. But I think it is nice to have a dog around. And the lady who cuts our hair also made the point that it is nice for Lucy and I to have a distraction sometimes too. She will have curly hair like Elmer I think. I have showed Lucy her picture a few times, and we have talked plenty about Elmer and what happened, so I think she will be excited for a new puppy too when the time comes. I wanted to wait a few months anyway, so this worked out perfectly. The breeder said she will send weekly pictures to let us see how she is growing, so I will share those when I get them!


  1. ALL children should grow up with a dog! My not very humble opinion there but I think you already sense that need in your lives, don't you? My favorite kind of dog -a mutt, with a good bit of cocker spaniel blood for openers and definitely black! Ask your Dad sometime about the dog I had in my teens (when he and your Uncle Jerry were just toddlers) -good old Duffy. He was absolutely the best dog ever so I can empathize too with Chad's references to the dog his family had. The dog we currently have is a cutie and very, very nice -especially great around small children who aren't always the nicest people on earth to animals -but he loves the kids and the kids love him. And I'm betting your puppy and Lu will bond very quickly too!