Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Lu!

Tuesday, May 20th Lu turned 4! Last Saturday we had a nice party for her that was pretty busy and crazy, but she smiled the whole time! Here are some pictures from the party which had a theme for the first time and Lu had chosen a super hero theme:

We had a lot of fun and I think so did all of the other kids. Then on the day of Lu's birthday we went to see her Daddy at work and got to meet some of the kind people that bought her bike for her! She giggled the whole time and was so friendly with all of the strangers. At one point she was surrounded by about a half dozen men and she chimed in on a joke they were making about her looking at one man in particular and she said with her Tobii, "I think it's, funny!" And then a little later she said, "Let's go!" After the Minitab visit we took Lu to Ruby Tuesday for a birthday cheeseburger. A week or so before she had said with her Tobii, "Let's go, in the car, Ruby Tuesday"! So to Ruby Tuesday we went! 

Here is a picture of Lu outside of Minitab wearing her brand new, handmade, super hero dress from my good friend Ann:

So our big girl is 4. Every day I look at her and can't believe how old and big and not at all like a baby she looks!  Right now she is super-healthy, happy, getting stronger, and making progress every day, so what more could we ask for! 

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