Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Big Weekend

In a contradiction, and a conflict in my heart, fortunately and unfortunately, Lucy qualified for the Make-A-Wish program. People were often suggesting that I look into it and I kept himming and hawing around, unsure of how I felt about it. However, girls with Rett Syndrome all qualify for Make-A-Wish because it is a life-threatening condition, as I have mentioned several times before. So, I did finally decide to look into it after thinking about whether or not we should wait until she is older, but the point is, she is at a higher risk for possibly not getting older. And you know, really, no one is guaranteed that their child is going to get older, but with Rett and other serious conditions like it, there just is more of a risk that there will be complications so we seldom take for granted that she will just get older. 

Anyway, she was approved for a wish and I made her a page on her Tobii with pictures of wonderful things that I thought she would love. In the end she chose to have an adapted play set for in our yard so she can swing and slide whenever she wants and have equipment that is suited for her, as there is not adaptive playground equipment at any of the playgrounds in our area. She is often talking about gardening on her Tobii and so we also have lots of space around the swing set for growing whatever we want. It was delivered on Saturday and she was very excited! The local Make-A-Wish volunteer, Stephanie, did an amazing job and is such a kind and caring woman! We are so grateful for all of her help and hard work!

And the second exciting thing that happened to Lunthis weekend is that her new puppy, Finn came home. Yes, I said it, another puppy! My sister Chas and her husband Paul have a pair of chihuahuas that they have bred several times and they have always wanted to give a puppy to Lu, but I was never so sure about chihuahuas. Well, I fell in love with the on Christmas day, and even though they were ready to have the Momma "fixed" they let her have one more litter to make a puppy for us!  Here are some super adorable pictures of him and Lu:


So far he is super sweet, hasn't had a single accident in the house so far, and isn't a hyper nut...but he's still a baby! Wish us luck! Third times a charm hopefully! 

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