Saturday, December 28, 2013


I Things are still going very well. Lu had a good night of sleep, and she is on her second "bolus" feeding which means a larger amount all at one time, like a meal. She has been tolerating everything very well, and I actually gave this last feed to her, so we are learning what we need to do. And then it took the nurse awhile to come when her feeding was over, so Chad and I just went ahead and finished it up all by ourselves and we did it right with any trouble at all. The nurse has been impressed I think.

I said to Chad this morning that even though it sounds crazy, when I'm looking at this contraption that is feeding my baby through a tube directly into her belly, it still looks easier to me than what we currently do. I think that I have said that Lu will still be able to eat whatever she wants by mouth, it just won't matter HOW much she eats by mouth because she will get the full amount of calories she needs through the feeding tube. So, anything she eats by mouth is just bonus! It will be good. She is napping now and has been such a big, brave girl throughout this whole process. I felt bad that I didn't add any pics of her and Daddy yesterday so here is one:

And here is the big girl relaxing in her crib after a nice lunch and a big poop:

And here are her adorable legs just being adorable:

Hopefully we will be home tomorrow sometime! 

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