Friday, December 27, 2013

Pre-op and post-op

Lu's upper GI was fine yesterday. She cried at the end and then cried for a half hour afterward, but she had a good nights sleep. Her IV went in easily which was a relief. The first time she had an IV at Danville they jabbed her for an hour before getting it in without it collapsing or whatever happens. 

Here's what the first 2/3 of our trip looked like yesterday morning:

Chad drove of course, and it was my job to just try and get as much food and water in Lu before 6:30, so I tried to not pay attention to the terror that was interstate 80. It eventually stopped completely, I guess we got ahead of the storm, and then we were fine.  Here is Lu being the big pile of awesome that she is, just enjoying the ride:

We had Lu ready to go down for surgery by 7 this morning and here we are waiting for "transport" (and  reading a great Berenstain Bears book about the importance of not being racist):

And here we are in the recovery room:

She had a few rough periods while waiting for the pain medication to start working, but other than that, she had a pretty decent day. Formula has been going into her g-tube for almost two hours now do it will slowly go in until 4:00am. They will work her up to her target amount to take at one time throughout the day tomorrow and as long as she tolerates it well, we will likely be able to go home on Sunday. We will have a nurse come to the house for awhile to help with it and to make sure everything is going ok also. I think the scariest parts are over and now we just have to wait for Lu to regain her plump and healthy body. I probably have a lot more thoughts to share, but I just want to lay down and rest and I just wanted any faithful Lucy fans to know that she is doing well and everything went smoothly. 
Thanks for caring! 

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