Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"What are you going to tell me?"

So, the battle continues with the secondary insurance, Gateway Health, but we finally have decided to by pass them and have the Tobii ordered and billed only through our primary insurance, BCBS. I was not aware that all along Blue Cross had approved the device 100%! However, even though they say they approve it, this is not a guarantee that they will pay. In reality, they usually do what they say and pay, but they have to state that its not a guarantee. So, we were given the option to bypass Gateway since they are being so difficult and we then agreed to pay any difference if for some reason the primary doesn't cover it all. But, Gateway is still deciding on my second-level appeal, so if they decide to not be so evil and they finally approve it, then they will pick up the difference, again, if there even is any!

I think if we had known this was an option I would've done it a long time ago, but maybe they wait until insurance is being real stinkers to take this route. Either way, Lucy's very own Tobii was ordered on Monday morning! It will be here in 2-3 weeks! The reaction I had surprised me. I got so excited and so emotional that I was just crying and laughing. I was showing Lucy pictures of it online and reminding her of what it did (since it was so long ago that we had the loaner) and she just started laughing and smiling and getting excited. As I cried, I asked her, "What are you going to tell me?" And she went wild with laughter. So, I tried to capture her excitement on video and succeeded! Here it is:

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