Monday, August 19, 2013

This I Believe

I just wanted to let my readers know that this Thursday, August 22nd at 5:45pm, the WPSU radio station will be airing an essay I wrote called "I Believe in Lucy" on their NPR segment, This I Believe. I wrote and submitted the essay back in early spring and didn't hear anything about it for several months and then was contacted a couple of months ago to come into the station and record myself reading it. I think it will also be airing at 9:00pm on Sunday evening, the 25th. However, it will also be on the WPSU website which is and can be downloaded and listened to at any time from anywhere and people can go to the website and listen to the radio live so you don't really need to be in the listening area at all! We are on vacation right now in the Outer Banks but will still be able to listen to it. Plus, it will also be in the Centre Daily Times which is the State College newspaper. Below is just an example of what the website looks like so you know you are in the right place.

I am really excited for so many people to get to hear about how amazing and brave Lucy is. I also think this is a great opportunity to spread awareness, not only about what Rett Syndrome is, but more importantly about what our girls are capable of! So, tune in friends!

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  1. Congratulations, Julie on this being recorded and yes indeed, I too do believe this is an excellent opportunity to provide a whole lot of awareness and comfort to other parents of a special needs child, particularly one with Rett's. You're just the kind of parent every child with special needs should have -one who keeps fighting for whatever is necessary for that child to survive and succeed.