Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Princess Underpants

A little friend of Lucy's at Kindermusik wears underwear all the time now! She just turned three. On Friday after Kindermusik, Lu and I were talking about her friend's accomplishment and I asked her if she wanted to wear big girl undies too and she nodded yes. Lu already poops in the potty a lot if the time, we just haven't started trying to nail down the peeing yet, but I guess she's ready!

Lucy got a new potty chair for the new house that is also a shower chair and she is able to sit on it by herself and not fall off, so she is trying to get used to it. Yesterday, Lucille wore her big girl underpants for almost 20 minutes and did not pee in them at all! We have been taking an informal survey of friends and family as to whether or not they pee in their undies, so Lu knows that underwear are not for peeing in. Luckily, everyone so far has answered, no that they in fact do not pee in their panties. And so when I put Lu's little training pants on I just reminded her that we don't pee in panties, and I reminded her occasionally while she had them on, and she didn't. Now I realize that it was only one time so far and for a short period of time, but I am so proud of her and impressed with her! She just wants to be a big girl and so that's what she's going to be!

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