Monday, April 22, 2013

Lu Takes a Stand

As I have mentioned, Chad is Lucy's favorite walking coach. He really pushes her just a little bit past her comfort level and I think that is why she does so well with him. Her pt, Mari, works the same way with her, and Mari is her second favorite walking coach, but Daddy is number one just because he's her Daddy. I don't push her like they do, and I probably am a little too cautious and worry a little too much, so Chad has really taken on the role of "pt" at home and Lucy just loves it.  She does all kinds of things for him with a huge, beaming smile on her face because she knows how much he [we] believe in her. They are an amazing team, and as I have finally figured out how to post a video in a post, below is a little video of Lucy standing up...without any help. This is a brand new thing that Lucy and her Dad have been working on just in the past few days. She has never, ever been able to stand up from sitting on her own. It's only been in the past few months that she has been able to stand up from sitting with our assistance, let alone all by herself! It's a super big deal around here!


  1. :-) Yay!! Yay for Chad too for being such an awesome Daddy.