Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just swimming

Every week we meet Lucy's pt, Mari, at the State College YMCA and Lu gets to have one of her three weekly sessions in the warm therapy pool that they have there! It is super nice, and free to us because Easter Seals, where Mari works, has a deal with the Y. Lu always enjoys herself and gets lots of good exercise and works really hard. This week Mari got a little life vest out with a pillow on the collar to keep Lu's head out of the water, and she SWAM on her herself! We were right beside her of course the whole time, but she was actually using her legs and arms to move herself through the water. I would say we went back and forth across the entire pool maybe 5 or 6 times! It was amazing! I took a video to show Chad and then I made some pictures out of the video to include here! I can't wait for summer for when Lu can swim like that every day and I found the same life vest for $20 so she can have one of her own to use at Nanny's pool! What I really can't wait for is someday when we are able to build a little indoor pool of our own so Lu can swim all year long; that's our big dream!

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