Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take that...

In the past few weeks:

1.) Lu has started not only sometimes peeing on the potty after her bath, but now she is pooping too! She has done so four epic times this week with last night's poo being the most epic of all! She was tooting up a storm as I bathed her and I said, "Lu, don't poop in the tubby! Try to hold it. You can do it!" and as I finished up her bath I just kept reminding her to wait until she was on the potty and the moment I sat her down on her little potty she started pooping!

2.) Lucy has started learning to look at us for yes and away for no! We were not having much luck in trying to teach her how to nod for yes and shake her head for no and then when we were at the conference one of the presenters used the looking at you or away method and that is working great! We have been using iPad apps as practice and she loves it! As she continues to become proficient in this imagine all that she will be able to tell us!

3.) Using a Step-by-Step communicator Lucy has helped read The Grouchy Lady Bug and Katy and the Big Snow, two of her favorite books. Lucy has also chosen from activities she has done in the day and used the Step-by-Step to tell her Daddy about her day when he came home from work. (Also a great idea I learned at the conference!)and greeted her friend Celie one morning when we went to the library.

4.) We are fortunate enough to have grandparents with an inground pool and have been swimming almost everyday. Lucy can sometimes float on her backin her life jacket and kick her feet and is doing awesome at practicing standing on the steps in the pool.

5.) And yesterday Lucy got to see a horse for the first time and we met a lady that is going to do therapeutic horseback riding with her.

So I am just really proud of how hard she works and how smart she is and I figured I would just save up and brag about it all at one time. My main message, however, is "Take that Rett Syndrome, you mean, miserable, sneaky, thieving bastard of a foe! Bring it on, we're not afraid of you!"


  1. Awesome!!! Exciting things ahead for Lucy-she is lucky to have such a good mama to help her get what she needs. Love you!

  2. Take that, indeed! Lucy has been busy, for sure! She is doing awesome, and so are you! It was so neat how she greeted Celie with the Step-by-Step! <3

  3. Oh Julie! Isn't that fantastic that she's learning so much -and to you, it probably seems like it just came to her overnight! That is awesome, it really and truly is just awesome. Now, think of all the other new and exciting things she's going to surprise you with!