Monday, July 30, 2012

Much needed vacation!

Yesterday the Shaffer family arrived at their beach front condo in Duck, North Carolina for their first real vacation as a family. It is just the three of us and we are so incredibly excited to be here and to just relax. Eat good food and relax are the two main items on our agenda. After the year we have had with Lucy's diagnosis and the starting of such an increase in her therapies, not to mention Chad graduating from college and getting offered a permanent position at Minitab, we are pretty say the least. So here we are after a nine hour drive!

We attempted to enjoy the beach this morning and it was quite disastrous. Lucy was cranky to begin with and we should have just let her take a nap first, but I thought the excitement of seeing the ocean and the water would distract did not. It just enraged her further. In addition to her crying, the walkway to the beach is in no way handicap accessible so I carried Lucy down in the backpack carrier we have and she didn't like this much either. We are also on the third floor with no elevator. When I booked this cute little condo last summer (at a very reasonable price!) I thought Lucy would be able to walk by now...we didn't even know what Rett Syndrome was at that point.

So, weneed to adapt, change our expectations, and regroup. Maybe we just go for nice walks on the beach, and there is a nice pool right by the condo. We are going to go out for some nice dinners and maybe go to an aquarium. The important thing is that we are all here together sans work, therapy, laundry, and the usualness of every day. We will make  it work!

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  1. That has to be a bit of a bummer not having a place that is handicapped accessible. Don't envy you carrying a small child any distance much less up and down stairs, etc. But, on the plus side, you might be able to figure out ways on your own that will make things a bit easier and then, you could really be happy and excited over doing something really positive to add to your repertoire of knowledge! Have a great time; you all really deserve a good vacation!