Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thank you!

Yesterday was the Strollathon. Somehow it was near 90 degrees for the second year in a row, and Lu does not love that type of heat, but she did okay. The total amount raised so far is at $12,345.00! That's so awesome! And yesterday as people arrived we all handed in cash and checks from people who did not donate online, so the total will increase as those donations are processed. 

Chad and I just wanted to thank everyone who kindly and generously donated. It means so much to us to know that so many people care so much for our sweet Lu and truly believe in the possibility of a cure. Team Lucy itself raised $1,575.00! Here's the team, minus my Dad who was waiting back at the pavilion for us:

And we of course want to thank all of these people above who drove several hours to be with us and walk with us, and show their support. Just their presence means the world to us too! It was a long, hot day and by the end all the Shaffers wanted to do was be back in out own home. Here's a cute shot of Chad cuddling Lu while she tries to keep it together as we all finished lunch:

Thank you all again! It means the world to us and to Lu and all of the other children living with Rett Syndrome all over the world. 

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