Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still recovering!

So, Lucy is still not 100% better. She's working hard on it though. Last Sunday she woke up with her cough worse again and a fever of 102.7. When she went to bed the night before she had had a great day and we thought for sure it would all be over when she woke up, but it wasn't. So, we took her back to the doctor on Sunday afternoon, and he said it was time for an antibiotic. Lu had only had two other antibiotics in her life so far, one for the beginnings of an ear infection, and one for and infected toe nail and she has never had any trouble with taking them. Well this time, on Augmentin, she developed severe, nearly constant diarrhea. It started Tuesday morning, and just yesterday started to subside. I quit giving it to her Thursday morning, before the doctor said to quit because I just couldn't bring myself to make her take it anymore. Her bum was so, so red and sore, but after 24 hours of no diarrhea it is finally starting to look a little better. She still is just a tiny bit stuffy, and has a little cough, but I think she is hopefully almost well. 

Neither Chad or I managed to get her sickness in all of this time, until Friday. My throat started hurting, and I just have a little cold, and have been trying to rest and get lots of vitamin C, so I'll be fine. Lu even went up to visit Grammy and Pappy for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon while I napped and Chad tried to get some work done. So, Lu has been sick since Christmas Eve morning, and she is finally, really, hopefully on the mend. Hopefully!

At supper on Saturday night Lu said, "I want, Sesame Street figures", so I obliged her since she was actually feeling better enough to request toys. And then this is what she said, 

In case it's too hard to see, she said, "I think it's, fun" and then added "see you later" to the end for some reason.

Here is also a picture of her from last night showing off her kitty cat socks to her Daddy and feeling pretty good:

And then a final bit of good news and evidence that she's feeling a bit better, today at Lunch, Lu said she needed to use the potty and so I took her back and she had a normal poop and even peed! She was pleased with herself and I was so, so, so happy that it wasn't diarrhea. So, hopefully this is coming to an end and she'll be 100% back to herself. 

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