Friday, March 21, 2014

A Few Weeks in the Life of Lu

I have two posts started and I just haven't been able to actually finish anything in a few weeks. So I thought I would just do a lazy picture update of all that has been happening around here lately.

The handsome Weber boys came to play! From left to right is Miles, Chase, and Isaac. Yeah, Chase and Lu are holding hands! Lucy had so much fun!

Lu and I made homemade pizza! And I took photos of the whole process so she could put them in order, and then I made her a book about it for on her Tobii so she could read about how we made the pizza. She loved it and loves reading her book often.

We have started working on beginning sounds and Lu correctly matched all of the above letters with their pictures using eye gaze and her head to indicate yes and no.

All of the "Hubler" (Parks and Gregory) cousins came over for a group photo session. It was fun!

We took Lu to Sesame Street Live and she loved it!  

Ava was there too and then we all had a lunch date afterward!

I made a page on Lu's Tobii this week so she can choose what to put on a Mr. Potato head and here was her first creation! 

So, there has been school time, fun time with friends and cousins, and play time. She got a little cold, probably from the Sesame show, but it didn't get bad. She is weighing in at 35.2 pounds now! That is a gain of about 7 pounds! She has been talking up a storm with both her PODD book, and her PODD on her Tobii. We have just been busy I guess! 

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