Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Healthy and happy

I'm not sure if you can tell in her face as much as I want from these two pictures, but Lu has gained over 5 pounds since the top picture was taken. January 1st. If it is not as obvious in her face, take a look at her thighs. In the top picture she is wearing size 4T leggings and in the bottom picture she is wearing a pair of size 6x legging-type pants! I had to find her bin of bigger clothes. She not only has not gone up a size in the past year and a half, but she had actually grown back into 4T clothes. So I was a little emotional when I was getting to look through the bin of bigger clothes. It's such a relief to not have this sinking, dreadful feeling in my stomach when I think about clothes for Lu. Putting on her clothes each morning was one of the biggest alarms for me that she was losing weight as her clothes just kept getting baggier and baggier on her. 

But now she looks so plump and healthy! Everyone who sees her almost immediately comments on how her face is fuller.  I have noticed her hair even looks healthier! In the bottom picture Lu is practicing sitting on her own without falling over (and doing awesome!), AND helping to fold laundry at the same time! We have even started trying to work on scooting on her bum again. All because she has the energy and sustenance to thrive. 

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