Friday, March 29, 2013

It'll be fine

A wonderful woman I know found out this week that she is going to be the mother of triplets! She is understandably a teeny bit freaked out and I just keep saying, "It'll be fine!" (Easy for me to say, right!) But it will be because she and her spouse are totally awesome and will figure out all of the logistic details as they come up. Logistically, yeah, it's going to be a challenge, but just from a loving, nurturing, family stand point, it's going to be amazing for them, and really, worrying too much about logistics has always been kind of a bummer to me!

In discussing this wonderful news with my friend, I have realized that even after Rett Syndrome, I still believe good things will happen! I have learned that people can handle a lot more than they they think they can. I have always believed in good. I have always believed that I could handle and figure out anything that comes my way. Apparently I hadn't realized until this week, while encouraging my friend and helping her find positives, that I still am that way! Yay! I have often worried that I might become bitter, cynical, and angry...and I certainly am at times. But, overall, my glass is still half full. On a day to day basis, sometimes Rett Syndrome kicks my ass. Sometimes at the end of the day I am whooped, emotionally and physically. But individual days are just "battles" as they say; overall, I believe we are winning the war.

In addition to my friend's great news helping me to realize I still am an optimist, it also helped me to see that fairness is still present sometimes. She and her spouse have been together for a dozen years and have been trying to have a baby for over two years now. They are capable, responsible people who are in a committed, loving relationship. It is FAIR that they were finally able to have children! In the past year I have admittedly lost faith in fairness in life. My motto has become, "No one ever said life was going to be fair." But low and behold, fairness has prevailed in such a great way!

So, here I thought maybe I had become a bitter pessimist and I gratefully discovered that is not the case at all! Good things do happen, people do get things that they deserve, and sometimes life is fair, and I believe that very much! I should've realized this all before because good things do happen to the little Shaffer family everyday, I just needed a different way of looking at things I guess.

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