Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lucy's Great August Adventures

We have been VERY busy since getting back from vacation and I had optimistically taken photos of all of the momentus occasions that have taken place, but Google+, the way in which I add photos to my blog, was not uploading the photos correctly. Chad, in his infinite computational wisdom, somehow fixed it last night, so this is going to be a big fun update of all that has happened in August...with pictures!

Waiting for the dentist

 Lucy had her first dentist appointment on August 6th and it went great! She sat nice and still in my lap and just had to lean back into the dentist's lap for him to examine her. She was quite a bit more cooperative than she even is when we brush her teeth! He said her teeth looked perfect and that's me several times for taking such good care of them and for bringing her in. Chad was mightily pleased with us!

 And then on August 8th a fellow came out to the house to help us decide what would be good for Lucy instead of just a regular stroller. As she obviously continues to grow and grow, but is not yet walking, getting her around is becoming increasingly difficult, as well as uncomfortable for her at times I imagine. When she sits in her regular stroller that we have now, she has very little back or side support and tends to slump down or lean to the side. This is problematic for her in that scoliosis is a big concern for the girls in general, but especially for the ones who are not able to walk. She also continues to rock back and forth, even with a shoulder harness (a flimsy one though) and kicks her feet in the air. So, we chose the stroller shown above which is called the Kimba Spring Tilt in Space. It will have a much more substantial harness to help her keep still, as well as special buckles to keep her feet down. Also, there will be lateral supports to help keep her up nice and straight, and much more back support! It will be awesome. It is not technically a wheelchair, but is obviously not just any old stroller either. So it will be a few months before we get that, but I will be glad for it to come. 

Princess  Lucy

Now I'm not really very into the whole princess thing, but my friend Ann, and her kids came for a visit this month and brought a ton of great hand-me-downs for Lu and I just had to show off her adorableness as a princess/ballerina or whatever this costume  may be!

We got to the library quite a few times this month also. We read many, many new books, but best of all Lu got to play with her buddy Celie! (And Celie actually sat still long enough to play a little!)

 And the grand finale of the month...Lucy's new, wonderful, hopefully life-altering AFOs! These could possibly be the key to maybe walking. Time will tell! 

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