Thursday, August 2, 2012

We have had three successful trips down to the beach so far since the first unsuccessful attempt. Lucy loves it and laughs and smiles and kicks her feet! She isn't even scared and some waves have caught us off guard and splashed her in the face a little bit, but she's just so brave about it! We sit right in the sand as you can see in the pictures and it is messy and hurts a hit, but it is the best way for her to be able to experience the way it feels when a wave comes in and washes over her and then what it feels like when the wave goes back out and the sand gets pulled out from underneath her. I am so glad that we came and she got to have this experience!  We have a few more days left to enjoy it before we head back to "real" life...

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  1. The kids really like looking at the pictures of Lucy. Elliot said "I like Lucy!" and Maddie said "She looks big!" :-)